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"Hello! You've reached Hamilton, Takamura and Ikezawa Karate. Please leave a message!

If you're looking for Alice, let me know and I'll get back to you soon!"
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[The video comes on but its dark, so all that can be discerned from the feed so far is that some one is going down a flight of stairs rather quickly and that their D-Comm is likely in their hand. When they stop, a very dim yellowed light turns on, just barely illuminating a basement.

A very flooded basement at that.]

Oh hell... Suoh!

[more foot steps, and a fainter voice]

What's going on?

The basement is flooding...

The road outside is practically a river. This rain is making a mess...

This is a problem. This you can safely escort the kids home?

I can certainly try. Are you going to be alright, Alice?

I'll be fine. [sigh] I'm just going to close the studio and hope it doesn't collapse on itself before this is over... be careful, Suoh.

... you too. [Suoh's voice fades but he can be heard saying "everyone get changed out of your uniforms!" and the kids questioning him before Alice sighs again and the comm cuts off and the video ends]
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Neon City Martial Arts Tournament

Try outs will be held on February 4th starting at 2PM, Neon City High School gymnasium.

All ages are welcome.

Sign up by responding to this network posting, include full name, age (if applicable) and aprox. years training.
*Hand to hand combat only, no weapons.
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[when the comm comes on, its to the sound of a very tired sigh. There's something just... rambling in the background, in a very high pitched, Valley-girl voice.

Apparently this has been going on for a while now.]

-- so then I said, you know what I said? I was totally like, "Bobby, you just need to get in there and like, totally do your job." And you know what he does?! That jerk, he just goes off and tells me I'm like, never doin' my job, 'cause I talk too much! I talk too much! Can you like believe that? Me! Not doin' my job! Like, whatev, man. Whatev.

What, exactly, is your job again?

Oh, like! I'm here to make you make all nice with that yummy boytoy of yours!

... Come again?

That cutie you're always with.

You mean my boyfriend? Hatter?

Yeah! Him! ... like, what kinda name is Hatter anyway? Sounds like a weird name. Why doesn't he have a normal name?

[loooong suffering sigh from poor Alice.]

No, seriously! Go kiss him! You know you want to.

I have kissed him. I kissed him this morning. I'll probably do it again later. I already said, he's my boyfriend. Couples do that and don't need a talking plant to tell them to.

Oh. [loooooong silence] Ya done like, anything else?

AUGH! [Alice's hands slam down on the table loud enough to rattle whatever is on it.]


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Huh. That was nice. I found 20 BITS on the ground. I wonder if this has anything to do with that shamrock that said I'd have good luck for wearing green.

... I think I forgot to tell Hatter about St. Patty's Day. Oh damn. HATTER!
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Ah... right... so...

I'm Alice Hamilton, and I'm fairly new to this place, but I was a second degree black belt and part time instructor back home.

I've been set up with a training room at Royal Base, so this is... pretty much an open invitation to anyone who is interested in learning Karate. Classes will be held three days a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for three hour sessions each day, with one on one instruction by appointment.

If anyone is interested, please let me know here, so that I can have a tentative class list available. Also feel free to ask me any questions.

First class will be next Monday.

[Attached: Flier with location marker, dates and times]

Thank you in advance to anyone who is interested.
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Has... has anyone seen a man with messy hair, tweed fedora? Thick accent, probably calls himself Hatter or David? I... showed up here without him and... and...


I-I'm okay, Charlie...

Is your head alright?

Yeah... yes... j-just turn it off..

As you wish...

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[clears throat]

I-I do believe I'm in need of assistance. My tamer has arrived and... well... I-I'm not quite sure what is the matter with her! [nervous laugh]. She does not seem to be waking on her own, and groans as if in pain when I try to rouse her...

We are located in D'Ango Forest, due west of Royal Base. And-

[a soft moan, and the name 'Hatter... ?' can barely be heard over the comm]

Alice? Are you alright? ... Alice?

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"Thank you for calling Hamilton Karate. I can't come to the phone right now, but leave your name and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."